Can't ping WAN address

  • hi there

    I have an adsl modem router with two internal connections: one to my PC on (via DHCP from the modem router) , the other to the WAN port on pfsense at (static). The LAN port on pfsense has IP (static)

    I can ping the LAN IP from my PC and connect to it using the webconfigurator, but I can't ping the WAN IP or connect to the GUI on it.

    What am I doing wrong please? I've set up the gateway IP to be in pfsense but there still seems to be an issue. I'd like to be able to connect to the GUI on the WAN side, not the LAN side.

    Many thanks

  • sussed it - just needed to add a firewall rule to allow any.

    Lovely bit of kit this firewall :)


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