• Hai please help me,
                I can ping to lan ip,s but cannot ping to hostname through lan and from outside our network.
                I can access website by public ip not domain name,please help me.

  • have you checked from public dns, that it's correctly set up?

    set q=all

  • I CHANGED DNS PRIORITY ,LIKE FOLLOWING                        wan        wan                    opt          opt

    In DHCP Server Configuration i changed it to

  • is your WAN or opt on a ppp or dhcp connection? Is the dns forwarder service running if you are using the firewall as DNS server? What rules have you setup on LAN?

  • My wan(RELIANCE ISP1) and opt(AIRTEL ISP 2) is in gateway mode.Lan configuration is given below

    source                                  port          destionation            port           gateway              queue
    AIRTELANNETWORK             *                         *                     *                   AIRTEL              none
    RELIANCELANNETWORK      *                         *                     *            RELIANCE                none  
    LANNET                                 *                         *                     *        LOADBLGATEWY         none

    I have created two aliases
    and my Web server on
    portforwarded services to

    can u help me these are all my configuration..
    Dns service forwader is running

    Only one option is ticked in dns forwader it is static dhcp
    Host Domain IP Description


  • It was working fine , till i added the below  two rules

    AIRTELANNETWORK            *                        *                    *                  AIRTEL              none
    RELIANCELANNETWORK      *                        *                    *            RELIANCE                none

    I want this rule to pass traffic of a particular range  through gateway AIRTEL and RELIANCE if these two fail then load balance through gateway group LOADBLGATEWY .
    Can you help me to figure out to solve the problem

  • I don't know if it will get to the LOADBLGATEWY .. as the first 2 rules will also try to route them based on policy. Someone with more experience in MultiWAN will have to help with that. Have you rebooted to see if that will fix some issues?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Your DNS override, for your static DHCP lease, will not work. You have overridden the system DNS settings in the DHCP setup such that all your clients are using Google DNS and not the pfSense DNS forwarder.

    What exactly is not working at this point?


  • Hai podilarius , the first two rule is working fine.After restart the problem still exist ,  I can't ping server domain name from LAN Systems ,I can ping it ip(,but cannot ping domain name

    Which i had given in custom dns record

  • Netgate Administrator

    Like I said your custom DNS record will not work if you are handing out external DNS servers via DHCP.


  • Hai Steve , Thanks for your replay, can you help me to set cutom DNS record

  • Netgate Administrator

    You need to change the DHCP server settings.
    In the DNS servers field remove the Google DNS servers ( and Leave the field empty to use the DNS forwarder. This will then use the custom DNS record.


  • Thanks ,Stephen its working fine now . :)

  • Netgate Administrator

    No problem.  :)


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