• Hi All,
    I am having a strange routing issue.  We are running pfSense with a dual WAN failover setting and a DMZ.  We have an appliance VPN with an internal addess of x.x.x.3 and the pfSense LAN aaddress is x.x.x.1.  There is a static route on the firewall pointing to the network on the other side of the VPN appliance with a gateway of x.x.x.3.  When any internal workstation tries to connect to the network on the otherside of the VPN connection it fails and the tracert indicates that the packet is going out the firewall to the failover link (ie either connection, we have some pretty flakey DSL).  When a ping or tracert is done from the firewall, the packets proceed to the proper internal gateway, and when a static route is placed on the workstation, the packet proceed the way they should. Anyone have any ideas.  Thanks.