Dm9601 usb nic

  • hey, I am using pfsense 1.01 and I need to get this device working. I know it's not the smartest way to use an usb nic but something around 10mbit works fine for me. the device is supported by the udav(4) driver, but it's just recognized as an ugen0 unit. i am going to test the 1.2b1 version today and i am looking forward to your replies.

  • Eeek, USB bad, I know you didn't want to hear that.  Unless you have no possibility of using a normal PCI card, I would avoid this like the plague.  I have tested a usb realtek NIC and it worked, but it failed often.  Network cards are cheaper than dirt though, get a 3com or an intel.  I wouldn't use them in a production machine, but our local thrift store has 3coms all the time for $2 that support alt queue with 3c59x chipset.  I'm not trying to harass you, just save you some headache.  If you have some sort of limitation that prevents you from using a normal card, feel free to disregard this!

  • I want to use a neoware capio thin client for this job. And -you got it- this thing has no expansion slots. I would at least like to give it a try and if it fails, I'll resell it on ebay and get a more suitable machine. but thanks for your response anyways.

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