Should I reinstall to be safe?

  • Hello, I have been using PFSense for roughly 6 months, maybe longer. I don't remember what all I did with my install, and tomorrow I have some one coming out to set up internet via a second ISP. I want to use multiple WAN's, but I don't recall what I did to set up. Should I just play it safe and reinstall PFSense today, or should I wait until tomorrow, and see if it will let me just make the necessary changes? This isn't set up for any big office, and settings are fairly simple and straightforward. So even if I have to reinstall it would only take me probably fifteen minutes or so to do it, only problem would be going through and setting everything up in the firewall again. Then again, I have current backups, so theoretically I should be able to just reinstall, make sure it's set up for multiple WAN's, and minimally 1 LAN, and then just restore my firewall config right?

  • Restoring the config will overwrite what you do for multiple WANs UNLESS I have misunderstood your description.

  • That's kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the post. I am going to wait until the installer gets here tomorrow, have him hook the line directly to my computer, and I will configure the PFSense box after he leaves so I can actually make sure that I am able to set it up right, and I will just keep playing with it till I figure out if I need to reinstall, or simply change settings.

  • That sounds a good plan. Backup your configuration before you fiddle with it. Then if you decide you have messed it up so much you can't figure out how to go back you can reinstall, restore the configuration file and be back to a known working configuration.

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