Should be simple, right?

  • hi,

    I have a small range of IP public addresses going from .90 to .95 /29. I have assigned .89 as the gateway as the ISP indicated and set the .90 as the first IP on the WAN link.

    NATing to the .90 IP works fine but if I try and NAT to, say, .91 no joy. All the firewall rules work fine as only when I change the NAT to .90 can I connect in. So the Firewall rules are fine.

    I have added in the various Virtual IP's ( carp ).

    What am I missing.


  • Can we see your 'Firewall/Virtual IP' setup?

    You mentioned virtual IPs (CARP) - they shouldn't be CARP, just 'IP Alias'

    FYI this works for me:

  • CARP works just fine as well. You just have to make sure that the CIDR is in the same subnet /29 in this case. Course, this is the same for IP Alias as well.
    CARP will let you setup clustering firewalls. If you know you don't need this for this use, then I would use IP Alias.

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