Slow to perform actions

  • Hi,
    Comparing the current image to image from june, is pfsense 2.1 slow to perform actions ?.
    I noted this when configuring or edit things like squidGuard (aka proxy filter).
    Maybe the changes made to certify the read-only state slow down performance for changes in system ?
    The version is embedded .

  • This is a known issue on nanobsd/embedded - see forum,48256.0.html and redmine bug
    I get it on some systems and not others, often when I first boot I can make config changes quickly, then it gets slow. But I don't have a clear picture of a set of conditions that can be reproduced to make it happen or not. I know that flash-cards (including CF) have some wear-levelling features that mean the card internally is re-allocating logical blocks to different physical places "under-the-hood" and that will slow down things a bit if there are a load of writes outstanding to be flushed to the flash (hey - alliteration there). But the delay seems to be more than should ever normally happen for that.
    If anyone has useful analysis to help track down the cause, then feel free to post it…

  • If helps, i'm using:
    Alix 2D13.
    The CF card i'm using:

    In setup bios motherboard is set UDMA mode (against LBA).

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