FreeRADIUS, PEAP and Shortnames help

  • Hey all, been using PFSense at my home office now for over a year and i have to say its a great product! Good job!

    But, as usual, I am trying to over-complicate things lol I am trying to set up a WAP-PSK + RADIUS wireless AP for my network. I have a Linksys WAP55AG V2 AP that I am using and it supports WAP-PSK + RADIUS. What i want to do is use the FreeRADIUS package inside PFSense to authenticate users on the WLAN. I am havng a real hard time getting it to work tho. Ive got the AP set up for WPA-PSK + RADIUS, the FreeRADIUS server is set up to listen on the WLAN interface, the Shared Secret is the same, but I am running into a problem with the Shortname. Where do I find this Shortname? The Linksys help and the Linksys website both do not mention shortnames but the FreeRADIUS configurator will not let me leave the field blank. What should I set this too? I've dug around the FreeRADIUS site for a few hours trying to decrypt the documents area but I cant find a clear answer to what that is supposed to be. Any help would be appreciated! I know this type of setup is possible but just running into some roadblocks!

    Thanks in advance!!