Mulwan with wan1 only for a host

  • Hi,

    mulwan with wan1 only for host

    Alix 3D1

    wifi card ath0 for use  wan1
    wifi card ath1 for use  wan2

    lan port vr0



    ipaddr (DMZ)
    gateway WAN1GW1-

    ipaddr (DMZ)
    gateway WAN2GW2-


    WAN1GW1 (default) Interface=WAN1  Gateway=

    WAN1GW1           Interface=WAN2  Gateway=


    1 Route allow LAN single host to WAN1  pass=yes
     proto *
     Source  Port *
     Destination *         Port *
     Gateway     WAN1GW1

    2 Default allow LAN to any rule        pass=yes
     proto *
     Source      *         Port *
     Destination *         Port *
     Gateway     WAN2GW2

    my purpose ok
    for pc/host traffic is to WAN1GW1
    for other host traffic is to WAN2GW2

    problem unexpected.
    Traffic from WAN2 slows traffic WAN2 end traffic from WAN1 slows traffic WAN1.
    when starting speed test from and other host crashes and restarts when traffic from another host ends.
    Because if the traffic is separated by two gateways?

    Thank you for any help.

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