QOS based on IP?

  • I've been using pfsense for a while, just recently the machine went down (i rebooted it and it didn't come back up) plugged in the monitor said it had read issues for loading the kernal, figred the 3gb segate drive was dead, i'm looking to replace it with a WD 512mb drive (is that enough room btw? i figured it would be but just to check)

    I didn't make the backup of the config so I'm going to have to reconfigure the network, which isn't a huge hassle to me. But I wanted to make sure that PFsense was the right direction to go.

    I originally loaded pf sense instead of smoothwall because I wanted QOS control. But I never really learned how to set it up, which is why I'm back here.

    I don't have a crazy fast connection at home (16mbit/1mbit) But the whole reason I wanted a linux/freebsd router on my little network is that I have a usenet box that I want to take full advantage of 16mbit, untill someone else needs the bandwidth (like for youtube or video games) that way I wouldn't need to keep managing the speeds on the server depending on the load on the network.

    I haven't found an easy tutorial to do this yet, but i figure if I read the docs front to back I might be able to figure it out.

    What I'm really asking here is considering that I only have a 2 interface router i'm building (it plugs into a gigabit switch for all the computers) and all i really want from a router is port forwarding, static assigned ips and this QOS based on ip (I'm not sure but i think usenet just uses port 80 to download content so I don't think QOS based on port would work) is pfsense the way to go or is there another distro I should be using that would be more suited for my needs?

    Thanks a lot for the help guys, I love the community, keep up the great work.

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