Captive Portal PMS Authentication Option?

  • Just installed 2.1 to start playing around with it.

    Under Captive Portal there is a PMS Authentication option. Just wondering what this option is, I'm assuming it has to do with integrating into a hotels property management system via a serial port. I'm very interested in this, Any documentation on how this work or what it protocol is uses, or am i totally wrong. 2.1 is looking pretty nice regardless.  :) :D ;D

  • Unfortunately, no code to go along with this. It's just a checkbox at this point. What plan there is for it, is anyone's guess. They're not very good about documenting things. I would guess Opera would be the most likely candidate.

  • That's something that exists in private builds that may or may not make its way public, it won't be in 2.1 for sure though, that option in 2.1 doesn't do anything and will go away. It allows you to bill access to rooms in hotels via captive portal.

  • i was looking for the same stuff, is it available for sale?

  • @xbipin:

    i was looking for the same stuff, is it available for sale?

    The versions that have it are all significantly customized, we're working now on getting the numerous new features including PMS, credit card billing, Paypal billing and more into a format that's easily integrated into other builds. We're not taking on any additional customers on it at this instant, but will be eventually once we get that sorted.

  • mayb an option to generate vouchers based on data transfer up/down compared to time thats currently available in captive portal would be something great as well

  • [OT] another cool feature could be supporting thermal ethernet voucher ticket printers, like zyxel's ( quite fool proof for the average receptionist: 3 buttons.

    i have a couple of them btw, i could do some packet sniffing if needed to decode comm protocol

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