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  • Hi Guys

    this is my first post here and I have been grinding through every post I could find but I could not find a solution to my problem.

    Lan is / 16
    Wan is PPPoE (Fixed IP)
    Strong_vpn client connection

    Internet access from inside worked like a charm, I am using the VPN connection as the gateway in order to have unrestricted internet.

    The next part is where the problems start.

    I need to allow access to a web server that is behind the pfsense firewall.
    I have done the following:

    My vpn connection does not have a static IP address, so i am using NO-IP for dynamic dns.
    I have checked and the IP addresses update well.

    My port forwarding requirements are as follows:
    Port 80 from ANY interface to

    1. Created a new NAT rule to forward the port to the server, It created a new association rule for the VPN connection.

    From Firewall –> Nat--> Port Forwarding:

    | If | Proto | Src. addr | Src. ports | Dest. addr | Dest. ports | NAT IP | NAT Ports | Description |
    | STRONG_VPN | TCP/UDP | * | * | STRONG_VPN address | 80 (HTTP) | | 80 (HTTP) | LIB Server |

    2. In Advanced settings I unchecked "Disable NAT Reflection for port forwards"
    3. Rebooted the firewall.

    Now when I go to the domain name that NO-IP gave me the website does not open. I have been through this setup and everything that I have done seems correct (according to other posts on the forum)

    Any help with this will be much appreciated.

  • Quick update:

    i turned off the vpn and set up the forwarding won the wan connection and it seems to be working.
    but i need it to work through the vpn connection :(


  • You shouldn't need any NAT between VPN<>LAN, just some allow rules (everything is blocked by default on the VPN interface).

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