Dashboard Question - Gateway false reading??

  • Worst nightmare just happened. A truck hit a telephone pole outside the business and took down all three internet connections.  :o Something I had always joked about (my single point of failure) actually happened.

    Question is why did my "Gateways" widget on the Dashboard keep displaying the Gateway RTT at .599ms and loss @ 0% and Status "Online"??

    I could go to the window and physically see the lines coming off the pole just laying on the ground. There was zero internet connectivity across any of the three lines coming in so why did the dashboard not display that the gateway was unreachable? When I went to ping (opened in new window) it showed accurately that the GW IP could not be reached but still the dashboard showed online.

    Is it a setting that I missed somewhere or is the dashboard widget just not reliable?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, the gateways widget has always accurate AFAIK. That said it's not like I check it's values very often, only when it's saying off-line or some huge ping time etc.
    The most likely cause seems to be that one of your WANs has somehow had it's gateway (or it's monitor IP) switched to a local target that remained up.

    Truck into a telephone pole eh? What can you do!  ;)


  • Some bridge modems will give you a local ip and gateway and actually reply to the ping, when the DSL line is down.

  • I've seen this exact behavior as well.  Question is how to fix/workaround?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Please describe the behaviour. Does it continue to update, giving new values even after the connection is down?
    Or is it that the widget becomes 'stuck', still showing as online and failing to update?


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