Routing IPSEC

  • Hello,

    I have some kinda problem.
    Im using monowall with the wan interfase plugged to an adsl modem as default gateway.
    I have another interface plugget to a fibre channel conversor, not defined as wan, but as another gateway.
    Some services are pointed to this secondary gateway trough firewall rules, for example, a voice over IP router, is configured so the LAN requisitions from this device are let pass trough firewall but ussing the secondary gateway as route.

    The question is … how to set the same rule for IPSec ?
    I've tried setting the local interfase in the ipsec configuration to the one of the second gateway.
    I've tried setting firewall rules for LAN, WAN , OPT interfaces, etc., but IPSec still connecting the tunnel trought the default wan interface

    Tnx !

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