• I'm working on my first package and I'm having problems when I specify a configpath in xml files.

    For example, my xml file is named syslogng_advanced.xml but I have a configpath defined to store config in: ['installedpackages']['syslogngobjects']['config']

    When I add configuration via this xml file, pfsense writes the data under <syslogngadvanced>instead of <syslogngobjects>Is my understanding of the usage of configpath incorrect?</syslogngobjects></syslogngadvanced>

  • take a look on a small package like ipguard, maybe it can help you.

  • Thanks marcelloc, I've looked at the ipguard xml in addition to squid and spamd.

    In the ipguard xml, the only difference appears to be the format (I've seen both formats out there so I assume both are valid).




    Is my understanding correct, that I can provide a custom configpath (one that differs from the name of the syslogng_advanced.xml file) and expect pfSense to put the config in the respective area of the config.xml file?

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