The internet is not stabil. Whats wrong?

  • I have a Norwegain ADSL company named Bluecom. I called them and they gave me these configurations of how the router shoud be configurated:

    Bridging mode have to be active
    VPI have to be "37"
    VCI have to be active

    I made a topic on here of how to configurate this with pfsense and I was told that I didn't have to do anything but typing in the DNS adresses that I got from Bluecom. This worked perfectly untill Bluecom sent me a new DSL modem (I used to borrow one). Now the internet is gone at least one time a day. I then restart pfsense and repair my network connection to get it back.

    Where is my problem? Do Pfsense have to be specally configurated to this modem or something?

  • if it has worked with the other modem without issues get a new one. there are no modem specific settings.

  • Unhook pfsense and hook your machine up to the connection to see if the connection still goes down once a day.  You need to narrow down if pfSense is the issue or not.