[help] Setup reverse proxy with authentication

  • Hi,

    I'm unsure on how to set everything up correctly so that I am able to connect from wan to lan side with authentication and also with ssl enabled. The idea is that while out I am able to connect into the lan so I am able to use sickbeard, couchpotato, sab, without having these services visible from the wan side. I know this can be done with openvpn but i'd rather it be more dynamic so I am not restricted to one computer.

    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to advanced networking so any suggestions will have to be step by step  :-[

    The main things I am having trouble with are:

    • When setting up the reverse proxy I noticed there isn't authentication like there is on the proxy server tab how would I go about setting the auth up to run from a user list.
      -What acl configurations are needed to allow full access to all users, and to use the lans internet access.
    • I have never done a NAT setting for a service located on the same host as the firewall. How would I configure the NAT setting to open the port to the external proxy and map it internally?


  • Actually don't worry, I setup a IPSec vpn instead

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