BosaNova XTC-1300

  • Im extremely excited to get this thing running pfSense.  The specs can be found at the link below.

    It doesnt say who the maker of the built-in NIC is, but I have a couple of dual or quad port cards that Im going to throw into the PCI slot.

    Also, Ive never had a thin client that had a pcmcia slot built into it.

    Ill keep this thread updated as progress is made.

  • Finally got around to posting some pics.  This appears to have the exact same board mobi has in his IGEL, a WinNET P680 board.  Still waiting on the microdrive to arrive as well as purchase a 1gig stick of memory.

  • I have a neoware CA22 (WinNet P680) unfortunately no CF socket soldered, only pads. I will try to solder a CF socket on my CA22, can someone with a XTC-1300 unit (factory installed CF socket) please post a picture of the CF area with the CF card removed of course, I want to see if some missing resistors on mine are populated on the units with factory installed CF socket. Thanks.

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