Central management of pfsense's?

  • Is there a product that can help with centrally managing a bunch of pfsenses?

    I've been using pfsense for some time, a little while ago, so I'm very fond of the product, it's simply brilliant.
    I switched away from it because of phone needs, which my fritzbox solves for me without any problems.

    My boss came in to the office today and started asking about a new product he had heard about, called pfsense.
    So we started discussing the possibilities with it, and one of the ideas was to use it as VPN router.

    We have approx. 60 sites all over the world, and on most sites we have a vmware server running local servers, so adding pfsense to this, and add an extra NIC to it, would be a breaze.

    One thing that could give problems is the administration of it. Is there a product that will help us with management of such an amount of pfsenses, distribution of fw rules, statistics, configuration etc.?

  • Use search  ;)

    I think that this at least third time for this question. But keeping this short. It's coming, but not for free users. you have to buy commercial support time to have it.

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    Is that right?
    I don't think I've ever seen anything official on this subject. Plenty of speculation though!  ;)


    Edit: Looks like I'm wrong.

  • @ Metu69salemi, I like this response, but ask for 1 thing. Please offer it free to all of us pfsense users as maybe limit it to 3 routers. And a paid for ver. unlimited or some other price tier.

    A free "lite" version, limited to 3 routers

    I have a need to learn…...is the reason for the request.

    Best regards,


  • I'm sorry, but i can't offer a thing.. maybe an advice, when you might have problem and i'm having answer.. I'm just pfsense/forum user nothing more..

  • Thanks for the update. Hopefully someone w/ some weight will see the requests and think twice before making the app off limits to the Masses. Or al least miss out on all the beta testing help.


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