May I pls ask your Help on how to configure my Setup

  • Gyday

    I would like some advice as to how I best set up my new (home use) pfsense box. To date, i have made a muck around box and got to know how to use the system a bit. I get it "in principle" and am pretty impressed.

    Firstly I have a PBX Server and some Cisco IP phones, then a file server, and a bit torrent seedbox, and finally 5 pcs and 5 smart phones/ipods, and a WD LIVE.

    Now my biggest challenges to sort out is:

    • I have to ensure QoS for voice.
      -i need to set up squid guard on kids pcs and ipods/ proxy server with reports.

    I have single WAN


    • do I put everything above on 1 LAN, or do you recommend a separate LAN interface/s for Voip equipment, and another LAN for the kids gear & other stuff?  Could I get a recommendation as to best way to setup.

    The proposed Pfsense box will be a Pentium 4 with 2 gig of Ram. is this ok. (Can install a few different NIC's if needed)

    Thank for your help in advance.  ;D


  • Netgate Administrator

    Using separate interfaces for different functions provides far better security and makes it far easier to filter and apply QOS. The more NICs the merrier IMHO.

    You don't mention your WAN speed but assuming it's 8-40Mbps the P4 2.8GHz should be more than sufficient for your purposes though it will represent a significant power draw. If you have the hardware already then you may as well use it but bare in mind that if your setup works out well a low powered system will probably pay for itself in a couple of years just in electricity savings.
    Alternatively you may be able to swap out the CPU with a lower power model. I have fitted a P4-M (had to mod the chip!) and it nearly halved the power.


  • Thanks for the heads up Steve.

    My wan is about 20mb/s (download speed)

    I will do the install tonight on a dual core 2.6ghz system,  it uses just 50watts of power when running, the old P4 box is sucking about 130w!!

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