Manually edit squid.conf

  • I know how to manually access/save the /usr/local/etc/squid/squid.conf file, however on reboot it gets overwritten by the configuration I have in the GUI.  Probably a great feature, however I need to modify the https line as mentioned in the post below.  Is there a master squid.conf file located elsewhere that I can change?,2681.0.html

  • There is a master file. Last time I checked, parts of the code generation were also hardcoded within different  functions. I used to fix squid myself, but it gets tricky when you update the package. I recommend you get in touch with the package manager instead, if you want to bring a bug to his attention.

  • edit manually this file /usr/local/pkg/

  • edit manually this file /usr/local/pkg/

    It doesn't appear that this is what I'm looking for…

    I see file_put_contents(SQUID_CONFBASE . '/squid.conf', $conf) ---- Is there a way that I can edit SQUID_CONFBASE or is that different entirely?

  • Set him as '/squid.conf.gui' for example, but you must manually configure squid.conf file

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