Would be so kind for assisten regarding pfsense

  • Hello everyone, I'm bran new to this community and pfsense. Never used it before. I'm very cerious, how is the qos in pfsense? Can you manage to set specific port (example: 27015-27050) to be high priority? And to choose which port is high/medium/low? And for those port which you have not made any specific priority will automatlic be at low? And to choose what speed qos will be transfer at? (example: 100mbits).

    Is this possible with pfsense?

    I'm also wondering about the hardware, is it compatible to intel 3 generation processor? As in i3, i5 or i7?
    I'm interesting getting ZOTAC Z77ITX-A-E ( swedish link: http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=749977 ) with Intel® Core i5-3570K Processor.

    Anyways, I've been reading little bit in the facts for pfsense and I'm super excited to see how it works. Really hoping that some of you may be so kind and give me some guidance.

    My goal is to get a strong/good router which can handle all my queries for all of my PC's , which genarate alot of queries through the network. :)

  • with regards to QOS. It is possible. I am using it in this manner in several locations including 2 datacenters.

    I have installed pfsense on a variety of systems including i3 and i5 machines, 2nd and 3rd gen. I have not on i7, but I would imagine it is possible.

    That zotac would be overkill for most situations, but it is nice and I would use it. i don't know what wireless it has, and I would find this out as athros works the best for pfsense.

    If you are just starting out, get the book. really can help new comers get started much faster.

  • Be careful when classifying the ports for Steam.  The gameplay uses UDP ports, the downloader uses TCP.

    You are likely to want to prioritize the gameplay and not the patching/ download ports, so don't match both TCP and UDP when setting up your rules.

    I've used pfSense in a Cybercafe production environment before due to the traffic shaping capabilities (keep gamers infinitely happy while other users are happily streaming videos and chatting with loved ones back home) so it definitely would do what you need.

    The main problem you are going to face is the actual rules configuration and the queues setup.

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