• anybody have performance issues with this? mine crashes twice every day… i think it's because of heavy bittorrent traffic... it can't handle one person downloading ?  ??? ??? ??? :'(

  • It'll handle way more than that.

    You're going to have to be more specific describing your problem and the specific symptoms you're seeing.

  • well, symptoms, not much i can be sure about, the box is remote, all i can se is both wan lines going down… it can still be restarted with a monitor and kbd attached to it though...
    cpu usage never goes past 10% (celeron 999Mhz 256sdram realtek nics)
    btw, why is this... utorrent has a global connection limit of 230 and pfsense still has around 2000 states... and every 30 minutes it has a spike of 6.000-10.000 for around one minute...

  • Realtek NIC's aren't exactly the best, I would suggest replacing those with some Intels. May or may not be the cause of your problem.

    Which pfsense version are you on?

    So the console is responsive. Can you ping the LAN IP or enter the webGUI from inside? I guess you can't get in from the WAN side. You said WAN's, as in multiple, how are your WAN's configured? This may be related to another issue I'm trying to replicate.

  • hi again
    1.2-BETA-1 pfsense

    the wan is pppoe and the other provider is plugged into opt1, static ip, no special config, just one firawall rule for the webserver to use this as the outgoing connection, not the default wan (and a load of portforwards).

    as for access, there are two cases… one case is that it totally hangs, you can't even restart it from the console, access the webgui or ping it. The other case is when the wans shut down; as i noticed from the rrd graphs, one time when it died it came back automatically, in about 3 hours

  • ok, here's what it gave last time it froze:
    xl0: transmission error: 90
    xl0: tx underrun, increasing tx start treshold to 120 bytes

    Great … "This entry is in revision and can not be displayed."

    xl0 is the onboard 3Com 3c905C-TX Fast Etherlink XL...

  • That's a normal message, the xl(4) NIC driver self-tunes, that's what it's reporting.

    From your other information, this sounds very much like a hardware issue of some sort.

  • ok, so i tried another machine, the router died twice today in 6 hours.

  • My experience so far suggests you're having bad luck, probably with your hardware.  I'm running one of the 1.2 beta snapshots which has been up for a fortnight so far without any problems.

    I'd suggest the likes of Memtest86 as a good starting point for checking what's going on.

  • yes ok, but if you're using a router distro, you probably use an old machine. if it's an old machine it's 90% chance that it has hardware problems. Is that bad luck ?

    And btw, you are right, the second machine does have some IDE controller problems. That's why it crashed the last time, and now it just keeps on rebooting :)
    All i can do is laugh (or cry) now at my bad luck.