• Im sorry if this had bin brought up before, but Im not shure how to configure the traffic shaper to do this. My thinking was that the shaper would automaticly devide the connection speed to the number of pc's online. F.eks. if you have a 2mbit line and 4 pc's hooked on, the bandwith speed of each of the computers would be 500kbit, no more. Is this possible? PS: Is there any toturial about the Traffic Shaper? I really want to use it, but I don't have a clue at all.

  • Per user bandwidth it not supported atm unless you create a bunch of queues and rules to send clients traffic down to these. m0n0wall has an option called "Share bandwidth evenly on LAN". if that is what you're looking m0n0 might fit your needs better atm.

    And please don't start multiple threads covering the same topic: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=77.msg3024#msg3024
    You already took part in that discussion and the answer is still the same.

  • Im sorry, but I asked two different questions in those two topics. But is there any guide or toturial guarding the Shaper?

  • Not yet. The shaper is a lot more complex than m0n0s shaper and it still is under active developement. For now, the best you can do is run the wizard and modify what it creates after that. For example, if you want a limited queue create a voipqueue and enter a IP of an client in the wizard (can be done in the latest snapshot-release). Then modify that rule (lower priority) and add more queues and rules like this one for the other clients.

  • Thank you :D but one more question; Wich IP do I input in the "source" field when I edit a rule? And what about "destination"?

  • The one rule has to be set to source any, destination IP of LAN-Client, the other rule has to be source IP of LAN-CLient, destination any. just like the VOIP-Rule is.