How to Disable connection-specific DNS Suffix

  • Ive been using pfsense as failover dhcp and dns forwarder servers for a while but I just noticed the way windows clients act when a domain is assigned with the dhcp, (probably other clients as well but I'm watching this one with a sniffer atm)

    every dns query sends a query to the dns server asking for example first, then it asks for 2X traffic to my DNS servers. The first query is always a quick "No such name" but this is a bad use of precious pps across these links.

    Is there a way to get pfsense DHCP to not assign option 15 (domain) in the DHCP grants?

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    how are you doing your query?  With nslookup?  From a browser going to

    yeah in nslookup if you don't put the . on the end then sure it will use your search suffix list, which yes will include your local domain.  But that is not what is going to happen using say your normal browser.

  • I was using nslookup, (without the dot at the end). I thought I first noticed it using a browser but maybe not. I'll double check, Thanks!

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