Redirect(https) IP front end for others ports internal server

  • Make my pfsense  unique  IP (https) in wan -OK
    Have others  - virtual machines  internal  (lan,opt1, opt2) ,
    but  in  redir  ok.  but  simple  ..

    187.xx.xx.xx:8x8x –->pfsense  adress https ok    - wan  board
    187.xx.xx.xx: 82 ----> lan 172.xx.xx.xx:82  - lan internal      -itś  ok
    187.xx.xx.xx: 83 ----> lan 172.xx.xx.xx:83  - lan internal
    187.xx.xx.xx: 85 ----> opt1 172.xx.x1.xx:85 - opt1 internal

    but  is possible ?

    https://name/site --->  lan 172.xx.xx.xx:82  - lan internal

    obs; my ip  wan  unique  and    necessary  unique cert(https) in pfsense

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