Pfsense + freeradius2 package + CISCO SG300 + 802.1X problems

  • Hello everybody,

    since many month I do have problems with authentication clients on MAC basis. I am using the freeradius2 package for pfsense and the CISCO SG300 series switches with the actual firmware. In most cases (~90%) the authentication and the assignment of VLANs is working as it should and without problems.

    But I do have some clients which will be rejected several times even if they are still online and nothing on configuration changed.
    I played with differnet timeout parameters but no luck. There is nothing on freeradius which is telling me problems with problems with authentication or something.

    I opened a thread on cisco forum - perhaps someone likes to read this thread and has a suggestion for me.

    I would really appreciate any kind of help or what to check and so on. I am not the wireshar expert so there are for sure others which could give me some advice on what to check.

    Thank you!

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