Configuring Port Forwarding with Multiple IP Addresses

    • Internet Connection: Cox Cable Business, 5 Static IP Addresses (no access to the cable modem gui)

    • Cabling: Cable from Cox cable modem to PFSense box, cable from PFSense box to switch

    • Goal: To be able to use all 5 IPs with 5 servers I have behind PFsense (3 web servers, 1 sql server, 1 mail server)

    I've spent all day googling, reading forum posts, and trying to configure PFsense without any luck.  This question has been addressed on a per-case basis, but there doesn't seem to be a guide for it.

    Currently I have one IP configured in the wan interface and 4 virtual IPs set in Firewall > Virtual IP Addresses.  I've tried IP Alias and Carp configurations without any success.

    I've read the documentation for Virtual IP types at:

    Does anybody know of a step by step guide for this?

    The closest I've found is:

    Do I need to have access to the cable modem's gui to configure anything?

    Any help would really be appreciated.

  • You can use the 1:1 NAT function for this.

  • I've added the physical cabling/wiring info to my original post.

    Nat 1:1 won't work for me as I want to direct different ports to different IPs.  IE:  IP 1 goes to webserver 1, IP 2 goes to webserver 2, IP 1 & IP 2 go to same smtp server.  All servers are on an internal network (10.x.x.x.)

  • Can you tell what is your wan address from pfsense. NOTE THAT I DON'T WANT ACTUALLY KNOW THE NUMBERS. just is it RFC1918 address or is it public.

  • Then you can add Proxy ARP addresses and then you can select them when creating a NAT rule (Firewall: NAT: Port Forward) under "Destination Address"

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