• Trying to follow the directions in the wiki for a custom pfSense image, but the first step of downloading the pfSense.ova is failing because the URL seems to be down:

    Wiki: (the instructions)

    OVA file: (The link that is down)

    Anyone know where I can get the OVA file? I'm having a REALLY REALLY difficult time getting pfSense working with everything and I'm at my wit's end.

  • that server has been deprecated. That ova was very outdated. It's easy to start from scratch.

  • You say it's easy, but I can't find any good starting point. There are no files in the "developers" section of the download areas, and there are no recent instructions that I can find, so I really don't know where to start. I'm happy to spend hours reading but if I can't find any valid documentation to read (and what I do find is apparently outdated, even if it's linked to by the wiki)…

    Any help would be appreciated. At this point, I'm going to be trying out IPCop to see if the hardware support will work better for my system. :(

  • If drivers are an issue, you're probably stuck as you'd need an entire new base OS, which entails a LOT of work. If you haven't already, try 2.1 to see if that's better with your hardware. If you need something newer than that, you're in for a lot of work or stuck. If you can back port drivers to an 8.1 or 8.3 base, and compile your own kernel with all our kernel patches applied to the source, that's easier to do manually and replace the kernel than to run through an entire build.

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