[HELP] webGUI admin password change automatically

  • i change default password from 'pfsense' to '*******9'
    after reboot for a few times. i cant login back tu webGUI admin

    after failed login with my new password i just created.
    i login back with pfsense default password but the password was wrong.

    i wonder ..mayb i installed wrong version for my P4 box with 512 RAM?
    downloaded and installed from pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE-i386.iso.gz

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    How -exactly- did you change the password?

    There is nothing in the code that would reset the password automatically, however if something else were added in the config that caused it to be invalid xml, it may be restoring an older config backup with the old password.

    any other settings reverting besides the password?

  • thanks for ur reply ..

    i changed my password thru System -> setup wizard -> then klik next ..next ..next -> Set Admin WebGUI Password

    as far as i knew ..nothing reverting back. other configurations still there
    My admin password not reverting back to default 'pfsense' password.
    im login with my new password or tested with default password.
    But pfsense keep telling me is was wrong pass.

    after reset password with option no.3 'reset webGUI password'
    im able to login successfully into my box with 'pfsense' default password.
    again, i changed to new password. after some times. its happen again.
    my pfsense box keep telling me im login with wrong password.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    After you reset the password from the console, change it from System > User Manager, edit the admin account and set the password there.

    Also, don't post the same message to more than one board on the forum.

  • im very sorry ..my apologies
    thanks for d info ..i will check in tomorrow

  • sorry guys ..im back again for same problem

    i created users account thru user manager.
    tested them login thru captive portal.
    all of them failed to login as its should be.

    same error ..its keep telling me wrong password.

    i download .xml file and looked for users account.
    its was there, only their password was encrypted.

  • Are you sure that you don't have a keylogger on the system you are accessing the pfsense web GUI with?

    Could be that your system is compromised and somebody is changing your passwords without your knowledge.

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