User control [For lan 48+]

  • Hi - I do not know where to post this, but please move the subject to the specified folder if this is wrong.

    I am a first time user of Pfsense, I chose the OS due to, I have to arrange an medium size lan party for our university.

    Were going yo use Pfsense for bandwidth monitoring, and ect.
    I've already figured out how the package bandwidthd works, and its really neat.

    Now I am wondering, is it possible to create an logon.
    For each user, have to sign up for the "lan party", and login with those values to be able to use the network.

    Like Aruba networks.

    I hope you understand my intentions, if not please ask, and I will try explain better

    Sincerely Simon M - Denmark

  • see captive portal

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