System fails to reload properely after reboot after fresh install then restore

  • System running as embedded 4G on Alix. After using a newly written CF card 2.0.1 I restore my system from a standard XML file created by a system backup and the system seems to come up OK. However, once I reboot there seems to be several key things missing from /tmp. Such as there is no /tmp/rules.debug file.

    My XML file was saved after I upgraded from 1.2.3. I used a backup file generated by the version 1.2.3 system and loaded that into the new 2.0.1 system, then saved a new backup for version 2.0.1 It is this saved V2.0.1 backup XML that I am using to restore onto a newly written CF card.

    I suspect that there are other item not being generated after a reboot as well. As a side issue question - how would I get the system to re-create the /tmp/rules.debug file manually via a shell command please?

    My main issue here is to find out why the system wont recover properly after the first reboot once restored on a fresh CF card. If I restore again onto the same CF card - no go still. The only way I know to get the system going again is to re-write a CF card with anew install then restore to this - clearly not a good solution long term.

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