2 Squid proxy questions

  • pFSense 1.0.1
    Squid package 2.6.5_1-p15

    2 questions for you.. I read topics on squid + load balanced connection.. I do understand that it will not work so it uses one connection.  Any way to specify a specific gateway somewhere?  I want to force squid to use one connection.

    Other question does anyone have any squid authentication examples?  I got a Active directory setup.  I have used OpenFire (open source jabber server) using LDAP hook into Active Directory so I know it works.  But Squid isnt working for me at all when using LDAP.    I can try RADIUS but just want some info in how to make it work.  I have RADIUS working with PPTP connections but it doesnt work with squid.  I tried googling and looking around so hopefully I didnt miss something.

    Thanks again!

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