A new user and I want to help

  • I want select upload speed and dawnload each user
    By Mac
    So one 1 MB and another one 2 MB
    And I also select IP bb Mac
    In other words every Mac has IP
    In the case of changing the IP address does not work
    At the same time, given IP Automatic
    In other words, when you see the Mac gives him a specific server IP

  • upload and download speed per user:
    Use Limiter per IP

    IP/MAC lockdown:
    DHCP server with reservations+IPGuard(+Static ARP if you want to block unknown MACs)

  • Thank SeventhSon
    Valuable information

    Where there
    upload and download speed per user:
    Use Limiter per IP
    In PFsense list

    I also want to

    Place the possibility to select the IP for each Mac
    Sense When Mac Eachd appears specified IP him and when changed by the user service is not running
    Where there
    In PFsense list

    Thank Sventhson

    dreamnet team

  • Thanks for the reply
    Please if you want
    Emergence login interface on the network
    Unregistered users in the server and request password

    In other words, shows the server without service works

    And how to create an entry page
    If you create an accessible page where fabricators in pfsense files
    Using software such as ssh

    Also required password Root

    I want to change the password Root where in pfsense list

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