Accidental Live System Firmware Update

  • This is a stupid question brought on by a stupid error on my part. Basically, I have two physically identical Netgate Hamakua devices. One is in production running 1.2.3 Release and the other non-production unit is running 2.0.1.

    Without going in to the details, I was going to test an update on the non-production unit and got distracted. Of course I got connected to the live production unit and at 8% of the upload progress realized I was on the wrong device and killed the connection along with the upload (again at around 8% uploaded).

    My question is anything on the production really affected? I haven't seen any ill effects as best I can tell. I haven't rebooted yet and, prior to doing so, thought I would see if someone could tell me what to expect.


  • It could be that a reboot leads to a dead box. Or perhaps not. I wouldn't take any chances.

    I'd connect to it and download the configuration file, then upload 1.2.3 back into it and let it reboot.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It would have fetched the file to 100% before actually doing anything. It should be safe, it doesn't do the upgrade "on the fly" like that. It downloads it while giving you the updates in the browser, and then in the background actually applies the update. When initiated from the GUI, if the browser isn't there to "watch" the upgrade progress until the background portion starts, then it really does nothing.

    At worst you may have some temp files in /root to clean up.

  • Whew! That's what I was hoping for!

    Thanks to both you guys for the quick replies.


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