Default Gateway for Any VLANS?

  • I have a WAN, LAN, and VLANx.  On the VLAN interface coming off of the LAN, is the Gateway .1 at the end as default in pfSense?  I want to put a Voice VLAN on this interface, but the PBX needs to get on the Internet; basically a second LAN.  If this second interface / VLAN is 192.168.50.x /24 - does the system accept as the default GW automatically?  As suggested, this particular 192.168.50.x VLAN will have a PBX and phones but need Internet access which the LAN already has.

  • you generally do not fill in a gateway on 'LAN' interfaces, does not matter if they are vlan's or regular ones.

    leave it empty

  • So assuming that I create more VLANS, proper switch L2/settings, and have proper Firewall rules for outbound - I can leave the Gateway settings out and all those VLANS will be able to get on the Internet fine without additional pfSense setings?

  • The VLAN interface itself does not need a gateway, but make sure that the DHCP settings for the clients in that VLAN do point to your ip, if pfSense provides the DHCP service on that VLAN it will be so by default so you dont have to specify it. Also make sure that the firewall allows traffic from that VLAN to the internet. The clients will use the pfSense box as their default gateway, and pfSense itself has a gateway on the WAN interface so it already knows where to route traffic.

  • You have phones on one vlan and all other devices on another (desktops, printers, etc) and a PBX with a single interface. Is this correct?
    How is your internet access being delivered to the PBX? does your handoff hit the switch directly or is it going to your PfSense box first (physically)?

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