Multi-WAN load balancing

  • I've recently installed a pfsense router firewall with multi-wan on a stick (vlans on WAN side) and multiple vlans on the LAN side.

    WAN and WAN 2 are both 5mbps DSL.
    before i configured load balancing, WAN traffic graph is showing only up to 5mbps but after load balancing WAN and WAN2, the WAN traffic graph is already reaching 10mbps. I don't believe that if two WANs are load-balanced, the bandwidth of the two WANs will add up but it is shown in the graph.
    I would appreciate any explanation from our experience pfsense users.
    Thank you very much!

  • Is WAN2 a subinterface of WAN1? Show us your interface assignment page.

  • Yes, WAN2 is a sub-interface of WAN.

    Also, the sub-interfaces of LAN use the load balance gateway that i created
    I am using pfsense version 2.0.1

  • Because WAN2 is a subinterface of WAN, the traffic counter for WAN will count WAN and WAN2 together.
    If you make your WAN an empty interface (type: None) and then have a WAN1 and WAN2 (make that VLAN 3 on re0?) as your actual WAN connections, it's all separate, and as added bonus, you can see all WAN traffic on WAN ;)

  • thank you very much seventhson. that's good explanation. it's only the counter that is adding up WAN and WAN2. It's also good to see the total traffic.

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