IPSEC mobile stopes working

  • Hello.

    I have a firewall with 1 ipsec connection to another box and i'm trying to get Enable IPsec Mobile Client to work.

    Im using shrew client.

    It works fine the fires couple of times but after a few connection it stops working.

    The ipsec connection to the other box work, but not the mobile one.
    It does connect and there is no error on the client side. But i cant pass any traffic.

    If i disable and enable ipsec it works again. I can connect a few times, then it stops working for the mobile client.

    Iv tried it on 2 different installations. 1 running in a vmware esxi environment and 1 running on a dedicated HP microserver.
    1 is 32 bit and 1 is 64 bit.  -  2.0.1-RELEASE  (i386)

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