Road Warriors -> VPN -> pfSense <-> IPSec -> 3G Clients

  • Hi All

    I have been trying for several months to configure a system that will allow the following

    We have devices dotted around the country that move from time to time.  The obvious answer to getting these onto the internet was to use Mobile Sim Cards and associated hardware.  We have a single VPN account with the Sim Card supplier which works wonders.  However we are now at the stage where we need multiple users to access multiple devices.  The Sim Card Supplier suggested IPSec and pfSense.

    The box will sit happily and connect to their IPSec tunnel, however nothing else works.  Its a standalone box with a single NIC connected to a single port on a BT Router with its own Static IP address.  If I connect another device to the same network, and PPTP into the box I am assigned an IP address from the correct range, but I cant do anything else.

    Could someone please point me in the direction of the best guide to read, or if this isnt going to work, suggest a suitable workaround?

    Kind Regards


  • Perhaps the device that can't do anything doesn't have a route to direct traffic over the tunnel.

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