Samba, Satellite WAN Connection, Latency

  • Does anybody have experience running IPSEC through a satellite connection sharing small files through Samba?

    Specifically, talking 20kb sized documents. Only one or two documents need accessed a few times per day.

    Is this even possible, or does the latency from such connections make CIFS timeout/fail?

    The concern is not annoyance with speed issues, but with feasibility: is it even possible to reliably access small files through such a connection, assuming that the link is always good?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    With SMB, it would probably be painful. At least SMBv1. If you can use SMB2 (Newer versions of Samba, Windows Vista/7/2k8) it may perform better, but still might not be too happy.

  • you could simulate it with the limiter in pfSense:

    limit the bandwidth to your expected speed
    and the latency to something like 500 to 800ms in both directions

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