Internet blocking by MAC address, help

  • In my company I have the pfsense firewall all the teams I have assigned a static IP to give free access to internet, the problem is that when I have to move from branch to be changing for the fixed IP address automatically routed.

    Is there any way to automatically detect it through an IP or MAC address???

  • I am not sure what you are trying to do.  I realize from reading your post that English is probably not your first language so what you said is not very clear, but let me try to anticipate what you're asking.

    I think that you have some computers that are allowed access to the Internet through a pfSense firewall based on their static IP address.  The problem you are having is when you move a computer to a branch office they no longer can use that static IP and therefore lose access to the Internet.

    I don't know how your network is set up, but let me just say here how useful DHCP is.  You can use DHCP to assign a reserved IP address to a particular MAC address.  This means that a computer will always have a known IP address every time it connects to the network.  At your main office, it might be  At a branch office, it might be  You just assign a reservation at the DHCP server for each office for that particular MAC address.  Then in the firewall you allow all the IPs that are reserved for that computer and MAC address access to the internet.

    If this doesn't help, I hope at least it has given you a good idea or two!  Good luck.

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