VoIP shaped on two subnets can't talk

  • I'm not sure if this belongs in traffic shaping or routing but here goes. I have two LAN interfaces and one WAN interface. On LAN1 I have an Ooma phone that I place in the VoIP queue by its ip address. On LAN2'i have a business phone that connects to an off-site VoIP switch. Its traffic is placed in the same VoIP queue.

    Both work fine and I see their traffic added to their respective LAN VoIP queues and the WAN VoIP queue. The problem is they can't call each other. While it rarely happens I'd like to fix it. The far end phone rings but the call is immediately terminated when it is answered.

  • If you turn shaping off, does it continue to be an issue?

    Can you make a call on both phones at the same time to different numbers and hold the call?

    I really thing this is an issue with one of the providers of the phones, not a firewall issue.

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