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  • I'll try it in English as well, my first time here.
    Vou tentar em inglês também, minha primeira vez aqui.

    One of the gateways (bge0) we got on our LAN displays status offline but, if we connect it to a PC client, point-to-point, we have access to the WAN.
    Temos dois gateways configurados no pfSense, só que um (bge0) deles aparece offline, no entanto, seu eu conectá-lo a um computador, eu tenho acesso à internet normalmente.

    The interface is up, but the way.
    A placa está ligada, normal.

    Any help?

  • This probably means that the gateway you are using is not pingable. Can you ping the gateway?

  • Hi there. Thanks for replying.

    So, yes, I can ping it, but not from this server.
    Isn't a virtual environment, I've just mounted it with pfSense 2.0.1 and three interfaces:
    vr0 - LAN (vr0.10, vr0.20, vr0.30 and vr0.40 VLANs)
    vr1 - WAN 1 (default gateway)
    bge0 - WAN 2 (the gateway offline)

    I receive ping replies from all interfaces (all they are UP), except the gateway set up for that one. Using its interface (bge0), I can ping the others.
    Thus, I can't access the internet, even changing it to default gateway. If I connect a PC point to point to the gateway (assuming same IP settings of bge0), I have internet.
    There's no Proxy, Firewall or DNS settings yet.

    Well, that's it, I got no ideia about this issue.
    Sorry the English…  :D

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you using the gateway provided by your ISP via PPPoE or DHCP?
    As podilarius suggested the gateway router may not respond to pings. If this is the case then the connection will be marked as down by apinger, the connection monitor daemon. You could try changing the monitor IP on that connection to something further upstream that you know is pingable.


  • Hi Steve.

    It's neither one nor the other.
    MPLS via optical fiber then to my router/gateway via ethernet.
    To access its WAN I have to set a static IP.

    But, I can ping it from any other PC.

  • Can you ping it from the console or fro. Them diag on the web GUI?

  • From pfSense -> Diagnostics: Ping?

    vr0 (LAN) or bge0 (its interface)
    But just this server. From a notebook, i.e., I ping it.

    The interfaces link, it's curious, but I can't figure it out what happens!

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you ping from a device on LAN it will use the default route which is almost certainly the other WAN connection. Can you ping the gateway from the webGUI via the other WAN?
    It looks like, for whatever reason, the bge0 WAN is not getting any IP connectivity. Perhaps one of your upstream devices is not playing nicely or requires a MAC address change etc?


  • Nope, any interface pings it.
    Then, I changed the equipment.

    Thanks you all!

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