Multi Lan

  • Hi

    I am sorry if this has been answered already but I can not seem to find it :-),

    I have a pfsense 2.0 box setup with 1 x wan and 2 x Lan

    I have an allow all rule on lan setup on both lan interfaces

    I can ping from lan 1 to Lan 2 but not the other way (lan 2 to lan 1)

    Would anybody have any suggestions it would be much appreciated

  • are there other rules that might overrule ?
    are you sure the protocol = any ?

    does the client on lan have windows firewall disabled ?

  • Hi thanks for getting back to me

    there are no other rules setup

    yeah the protocol is set to any

    both computers are pingable from with in there own subnets

    lan one is 192.168.24/0 and lan two is 192.168.68/0

  • other then an interface misconfiguration i cant guess what could be wrong. did you specify a gateway in any of the rules ?

    if you can't figure it out we'll need screenshots of firewall rules/routing tables/packet captures/ …
    the more useful data you can supply, the easier it is to find out whats wrong

  • Hi heper

    Thanks a million for your help I resolved the issue there was old vlan setting on the switch nothing to do with the pfsense

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