• does anybody know if newsyslog is included with pfsense 2.1_x64?
    i can see it in the cron entry ie /usr/bin/nice -n20 newsyslog
    but the system doesn't find newsyslog even though there is a /etc/newsyslog.conf with various options within it.

    it's obviously not working as i don't appear to have any log rotation going on eg maillog, maillog.0, etc even though there is an entry in the config file for this daily.
    i can't find newsyslog in the ports collection either

  • from what i've read, pfsense does not use newsyslog and instead uses clog. bit of a pity there as newsyslog offers log rotation.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    clog files don't need rotation, they never grow in size.

    The newsyslog binaries aren't there on the firewall, even if the file is in /etc  (most of our config files are in /var/etc actually)

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