2 NODE WRAP : How to upgrade?

  • I'm currently running 1.0 BETA1 on a 2 node WRAP CARP setup.

    Whats the best way to upgrade to 1.2 BETA without downtime ? Can I:

    1. reflash node A with 1.2 BETA
    2. perform a sync from the old node B to the new node A
    3. reflash node B with 1.2 BETA
    4. perform a sync from node A to node B

    Are there any pre-installation steps?


  • I upgraded a 2 node setup running the non embedded type but cant see how that would make too much difference you would just need to save  your old config from each node then reinstall it on the upgraded node
    I Upgraded the slave first checked that was ok
    Then went to the master and upgraded it
    Then when the master went to reboot the slave kicked in and took over
    Once the master had finished its reboot it resumed normal operation

    The only issues I have had are that IPSEC failover has changed and I had to reinstall the snort package to stop it winging about its sync

    But my setup is NOT in production so I can't say that it will work for sure.

    good luck

  • thanks morbus,

    It was really weather the config files are compatable is the main question I was asking so thanks for that.

  • Yeah, the config file can be restored. You'll have to reflash to get to 1.2b1, but once you're on that version you can use the firmware update page to upgrade going forward.

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