• I have just setup multiwan and I can failover from WAN1 to WAN2 but traffic never fails back after WAN1 comes online. Please advice. Using pfsense2.0.1

  • Please give us something to work with.

    Topology, IP subnets, detection IPs, system logs from when the fail over happens and the WAN1 comes back would be a start

  • Multi WAN works in the sense that any new sessions made is being redirected to WAN1 (higher priority) but I would like "active" sessions which are on WAN2 (lower priority) to be failed back to WAN1 after it comes online. Any thoughts ?

    BTW I have written a basic shell script to do this job but not sure how to put it on nanobsd.


    #Script to FAILBACK traffic once WAN1 comes online

    echo 0 > /var/STAT2

    while :

    #Check for WAN1 status

    cat /var/log/system.log | grep apinger | grep "GW_WAN*" | grep down | tail -1 | grep canceled
    STAT1=echo $?
    echo $STAT1

    cat /var/log/system.log | grep apinger | grep "GW_WAN*" | grep down | tail -1 | grep -v canceled
    STAT3=echo $?
    echo $STAT3
    sleep 5

    if [ $STAT3 != 0 ]; then

    if [ $STAT1 = cat /var/STAT2 ]; then

    echo NO CHANGE ON WAN1


    echo FAILBACK to WAN1

    ifconfig em2 down
            sleep 5
            ifconfig em2 up



    echo $STAT1 > /var/STAT2

    sleep 5


  • Under System: Advanced: Miscellaneous there is the option for clearing states for a WAN that goes down, seems like you need a similar option when it "fails back".

  • Check a related discussion (and redmine link) at http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,53175.0.html

    Currently pfSense won't take the initiative to kill open states on WAN-fallback (understandable, since there are scenarios where it might be inappropriate), when WAN-main comes back online.

    Are you using "sticky" with configurable timer?