IPv6 Stability

  • Has anyone had any issues regarding pfSense's IPv6 stability. Does the dhcpv6-server work well and sends DNS flags appropriately. I'm currently running a vyatta core and have had issues with IPv6 DNS not working correctly, this is a known issue. However, i would like to use pfSense, but before i delve into this, i was wondering about the stablility of IPv6 on pfSense.

  • I have had no issues with static ipv6 or 6to4 in ipv6. I don't fully use dhcpv6, I set it up for server auto config so I am only using router advertisement.
    I haven't had any issue with DNS though.

  • Ok cool, thank you for the reply. I'll give the DHCPv6 a shot, the radvd is fine also, but i would prefer DHCPv6 to isolate who gets what address ect.

  • just curious why would you want DHCPv6 vs. Autoconfig?  I'm still getting up to speed on IPv6 as I haven't been able to just 'use' it yet but from everything I've read on paper autoconfig sounds the way to go.  Just looking for reasons you wouldn't

  • With dhcpv6 you get a list of macs and and addresses and usually host names. This makes ipv6 easier to manage and to know what machine it what. Auto config is cool, but I find management of it in a small environment to be harder than with ipv4. I could only imagine how that would be in a larger environment.

  • We've been running production v6 networks for about a year and a half, no issues.

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