WebConfigurator files removed by snort update

  • Hi,
    Yesterday, I updated snort package to on my pfsense 2.0.1-RELEASE (amd64). At the end of snort update, I had a "404 not found" from my Internet Explorer. I tried to access to webconfigurator from different IP network but always 404 not found.

    After several research, I saw that /usr/local/www/ directory was empty and snort update log indicated (at the end of update), "cleaning…".  :-\  :-\  :-\

    I manage to synchronise the /usr/local/www/ directory from another pfsense (same version), and now it's all right !  :D

    I think that's a big bug... anybody else had this problem ?

    I hope my post will help some of you.

    PS : sorry for my bad english.

  • ditto, about two weeks ago, followed the same procedure (copy paste /usr/loca/www from another installation) and then got things back. Unfortunately I had to deinstall/reinstall a few more items (like bandwidthd) since the other installation did not have those files.


  • Hi cps,
    I confirm to you that I had to reinstall all packages which had web interface (like "lightsquid" for example).
    Thanks for your confirmation.

    I hope this post will help other users.

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