Creating ISP using pfsense

  • hii friends,
    I am new to pfsense and I am planning to start a small ISP to a small town using only open source tools.I think pfsense could do that for me from load balancing,firewall,captive portal,billing management,user management,RADIUS and all the stuff that a small ISP require.

    Is that possible to add modules of those described above in pfsense to start ISP?how?

    I want to build all these in pfsense and port pfsense in to Embedded Hardware rather than CPU.
    I've also searched on forums that for adding some custom modules i need to add those in FreeBsd first and then copy to pfsense box. so how it actually works?or is it a good way?

    any pointer would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Billing is the hard part with pfsense. i've seen no billing modules at all.

  • Since pfsense contains web-server,php can't we add / integrate any  open source software  such as CitrusDB,AgileBill,Amberdms etc?

  • Yes you can, but why would you? Pfsense is firewall after all
    If you use search, you'll see that other people has also made same kind of projects.

  • Thanks a for a nice suggestion ,but i am kinda creating a product-like solution device in which i have everything ported,embedded hardware or something .So i just put it in between ISP and router,connect clients and configure the device,thats it.Is that possible?
    Is there any better suggestion ?then kindly share it.Any basic idea-flow-graph about how many servers  i can put  between ISP and customers ?
    All types of hardware are available.

  • I've not used pfsense for this kind of purposes. So my knowledge is very limited about this topic.
    But you could get one machine with enough "horsepower" and do with hypervisor(ESXi). install pfsense and other OS's in same physical machine

  • thank you very much..that would really help..

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